Swimming pool maintenance accessories

With Poolsmart at your side, swimming pool maintenance is fun!

robotic pool cleaners

Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaners for Swimming Pools

The Prowler 930 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner pairs Bluetooth®* wireless technology with deep-scrubbing action to deliver the ultimate in performance and convenience. Plus, the Prowler 930 works independently from your pool’s filtration system, and there is no added booster pump to run. Cost-efficient, eco-friendly cleaning has never been easier.

  • Ultimate convenience with smart device control featuring Bluetooth®* wireless technology 
  • All-surface deep cleaning using a powerful, high-speed scrubbing brush 
  • Captures large and ultra-fine debris with a top-access basket for easy emptying
  • A robust caddy enables mobility and easy storage
Vacuum hose pool maintenance

Vacuum Hoses

Available in 15m and 30m hoses.

aluminium vacuum head pool maintenance

Vacuum Heads

Suction Vacuum heads available in Aluminium and Engineered plastic. We recommend Aluminium vacuum heads for ease of maintenance.

pool maintenance brush

Swimming pool maintenance brushes

High quality brushes for swimming pool maintenance.

pool maintenance nets

Swimming pool maintenance Nets

High quality nets for swimming pool maintenance.


Leaf rake and leaf skimmer (deep net) for day to day operation and maintenance of swimming pools.

telescopic pole

Telescopic pole – Adjustable

Different lengths of telescopic pole available for different pool sizes.

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