Ethos C

Design Franco Bertoli
  • Enjoy and relax in your sauna with shower space and turkish bath.
  • Precious wood, innovative materials and advanced solutions.
    Sauna Vita defines the role of sauna and Turkish Bath both for household use and for accommodation facilities, thanks to modular and integrated solutions. Ethos collection is enriched with a sauna module associated to a shower space with steam generator inside.
  • Module 1: Sauna + Shower space with steam generator
  • x2/3 persons:252 x 120 x 215 H – Sauna 160×120, shower space with turkish bath 92×120 – Max power: 5,5 kW (sauna 3 kW, turkish bath 2,5 kW)
  • x3/4 persons:292 x 150 x 215 H – Sauna 200×120 shower space with turkish bath 92×120 – Max power: 6,1 kW (sauna 3,6 kW, Turkish bath 2,5 kW)
  • A new colour palette for the external finish and shower area made of Fenix NTM®, a smart material resulting from nanotechnology research.
  • This material is particularly resistant, water-proof, hygienic, anti-bacterial, and anti-mould. Besides the classic optical white (Alaska), Ethos C is now available in other four colours: from marble white (Kos) to a wide range of greys (Efeso, Londra, and Bromo).
  • Installation; Wall – Corner – Niche
  • Base with adjustable feet
  • Tempered glass enclosures, 8 mm thick
  • Control panel (both for the sauna and the Turkish bath): Touch screen panel with white glass finish
  • Sound system: with USB or AUX input; 2 auxiliary stereo speakers
  • Wooden ladle
  • Wooden bucket
  • Stove with stones
  • RGB LED chromotherapy with 3 cycles, automatic colour change and 42-colour iris function
  • Reversible backrest
  • Transparent acrylic stool 40 x 24.5 H44
  • Tempered glass exterior walls and doors
  • Interior with abachi wood furnishes and coverings
  • Double face back rest (in addition to the supplied one)
  • Insulation panel for corner installation


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